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Need an AI assistant to help your operational or practical work for your organization? Ask questions. Get answers. That’s it. Any topic.

Any sector.

Enter Machine Learning X Doing, for staff who work in organizations.

Success means staying ahead of the curve. You face complex challenges and limited time to get the most out of your team members, consultants or audience. You need answers, fast. Machine Learning X Doing is the revolutionary tool that empowers you to ask the right questions. Get the insights and solutions you need from a full-service assistant.

From digital transformation to policy making, Machine Learning X Doing has you covered. So don’t just take our word for it. Try Machine Learning X Doing for yourself and experience the power of smarter consultations and teams. Help your consultants to help you. The future is here.


Be specific about your situation
Be inspired with  drafts

“Generate a strategic plan for an organization who does…”

“Write a script for a video about…”

“Draft communication plans that would align with the organization’s described overall strategy of..”

“Create a crisis management plan, identifying potential risks and issues that the organization that does… may face…”

Write better ads, copy, and marketing than ever before. Optimized for reliability and professionalism. Original content that passes originality tests with 99.99% performance.

Ask “Got any ideas for how to solve the problem of…?”

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We are augmenting humanity, not replacing it


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