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Every team and individual brings something really special to the table. It just needs to grow and echo around the world. Machine Learning X Teaching is a family of virtual training programs focused on innovation, speed and convenience. We are bringing state-of-the-art digital economics to the world
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We offer professional team training to all professionals in every sector. From python to the economics profession, we have you and your organization team covered. Join the digital economics revolution today.

Company Team Training

For company impact.

Non-Profit Foundation Training

For social impact.

Policy Maker Team Training

For policy impact.


Python for Data Science Course

Python for data science and AI. No programming background required.

Python for Product Design Course

Python for product design. No programming background required.

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Ethics and Techniques for Economic Innovation Course

PhD-level rigorous economics training across the core fields for organization teams. No economics background required.

Social Good, Technology and Economic Impact Course

PhD-level economics elective course for professional teams. No economics background required.

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Questions? Send emails to contact[at] machinelearningxdoing.com or call 607-434-6188



TORONTO. October 23, 2021.

Dr. Kweku Opoku-Agyemang independently led a training workshop on statistical causal inference for doctoral students and faculty from the University of the Cumberlands.



No programming background required.

Data Science Training. Product Design Training. Less memorization and more understanding. Convenience, speed and comfort.



No economics background required.

Bringing doctoral-level economics training to all organizations. Doctoral-level core training in Ethics, Methods and Economics Innovation and Social Good, Technology and Economics Innovation. Less memorization and more understanding. Convenience, speed and comfort.


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Training is provided by a former faculty of the University of California, Berkeley who was also a former researcher at Cornell Tech.

Make your organization more economically sound and data-driven. Attract and retain quality employees by investing in the growth and morale of your colleagues.

The training does not directly or indirectly represent the perspectives of University of California at Berkeley or Cornell Tech or any other institution. All Rights Reserved.


Machine Learning X Doing presents: Machine Learning X Teaching

Join the frontier with tailored training.

Machine learning, AI and product design are powerful innovations, with implications on individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

Know the next level in product accessibility, computer vision, data science and annotation, human-computer interaction, knowledge bases, algorithms, privacy, speech and natural language processing, toolboxes, user experience frameworks and platforms. Combine these with an understand of ethics, fairness and social impact.

Learn how next-level AI can revolutionize your organization with the Machine Learning X Teaching approach.

It is vital that business and organization leaders and their staff apprehend cutting-edge AI for a positive business, economic and social impact

AI must create new opportunities, and realize the potential to significantly improve human flourishing, relationships, standards of living, productivity and institutions over time

That potential is here now. Next-level AI

You set the standard for everyone else. By not allowing the box to define you, you’ve become the box for others. A leader in your domain.

As technology continues to make inroads into your sector, it’s naturally a little harder to keep doing what has never been done.

You are probably a policy organization. Traditional AI training could help, but it may also subordinate you to the technology sector when you are a leader in your own right. Your hard-won domain expertise should lead your AI, so it can augment what you actually do. What if you were just as fluent in AI as you were in your domain?

You might be at the top of technology sector. You must constantly sync fast-changing scientific insights within and across your organizational units, and at your immense scale. You already know that if everyone at the top of the industry is on the cutting-edge, an even sharper advantage is needed to stay significantly ahead.

You might even be in academia. The challenge is for university leadership to prepare future leaders to build and create in a fast-evolving world that transcends traditional departments and requires a new perspective.

What if next-level AI could transmit and sustain your DNA and impact?

Welcome to your next level. Welcome to the future of your organization

It is up to us all to make the world a better place, starting with you and your organization learning next-level AI

Introducing the next-generation of AI, designed around the fundamental question of what it means to be human

Together, we will inspire change in the world, by first introducing your organization to its true potential

DevOps meet AIOps. Extending next-level AI across every team.

Solve your problem. Solve your organization.

Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, Ph.D.

Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, Ph.D., is former faculty at the University of California, Berkeley in development economics and a former computer science researcher at Cornell University. He has advised Google scientists, given talks at Facebook, presented to government officials from 12 countries and others.

A former session Chair at the Canadian Economic Association, Kweku believes that his next-generation Machine Learning x Doing approach can help organizations and countries to do better by their people by meeting or exceeding their potential. He is based in Toronto, Canada.