Integrating economic causal inference into software

We provide mutual economic progress between technology and society. We bring both perspectives together into something novel. We know the digital economy is more than digital consumers: it also includes an economics-based technology sector. We enhance software production with rigorous economic science consistent with standard technical engineering standards

Let your software reflect your economic needs and make economic, behavioral and social impact.

Software engineering, development and production teams go the extra mile to build the foundation that product managers, designers and business leadership support. In many leading firms this involves many teams and individuals working as an orchestra of artists, with leadership ensuring that software production is directed towards the economic needs of the organization.

Software production is a well-understood philosophy of data-driven technological implementation, but its best days are still ahead. Most organizations struggle to operate optimally and would benefit from economic principles. In a hyper-competitive industry, an economic understanding is more critical for software than many may realize.

In spite of the deep learning revolution, effectiveness remains a challenge for too many in the software world. Many predictions are ultimately spurious and simply not very generalizable. There is a need to rigorously unpack relationships that are causal and not just correlational. These must also integrated into software with economics principles.

This must be achieved in software teams without requiring unnecessarily difficult or stressful overhauls or burdening internal economists or engineers. Many organizations have social impact teams that operate separately from software engineering and these can be brought together better with a perspective that unifies both.

These events must happen before there is any negative business or social impact. There is also a need to isolate positive impacts that can be learned from. Algorithmic biases and fairness shortcomings have further potential to put teams and entire organizations at risk of faulty decisions. Finally, there must be a direct route to management for rigorous decision making.

Economics can revolutionize software production by with robust causal inference

An innovative approach must unlock organizations of all types, while being tailored to their individual contexts and needs. It would thus be able to unpack incentives within and across organizations, as well as industries and the economy. It is critical that AI improve the human condition and have a positive impact on organizations and society with the best science from the economics profession.

We have a solution

Machine Learning X Doing Economic Software

Take economic effectiveness and impact in software production to new heights

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Machine Learning X Doing Economic Engineering.

Software production functions

Machine Learning X Doing Economic Software approach to data-driven software. By integrating software production with economic and social science, the approach is compatible with software production approaches and does not require overhauling existing processes; just adding economics and causal inference throughout.

By bringing software engineers closer to management, and empower them to build better products and services to enrich consumer experiences and economic impact.

Using software production functions, we align production initiatives with economic science

Organizations can now scale by applying economics and statistical principles to software engineering and production within organizations in ways that are directly linked to the bottom line and social impact. Machine Learning X Doing Economic Engineering identifies causal effects of decisions and bakes them into production.

The future of software production is Machine Learning by Doing Economic Engineering.

Machine Learning X Doing Economic Software. The next generation of software production: Software production functions.

Software production requires software kept running. Software engineers are often under pressure and on-call development is often needed to tackle issues before code goes live. When the rubber hits the road, and users are using the software for the first time, they come with their own biases and assumptions. The stakes of not being economic-driven are high for firms. Consequences may include the loss of revenue and potential future opportunities.

Performance, scalability, logging, monitoring and security are traditionally closely watched, but economic insights are often missing. Production functions are well-understood in economics but trained engineers must lead the process. The credibility revolution in economics, where natural experiments that are can be gleaned from engineering decisions in data is needed. Our software production functions can take firms to new heights.

Introducing the next-generation of AI, designed around the fundamental question of what it means to be human

Together, we will inspire change in the world, by first introducing your organization to its true potential

Economic Causal Inference for Software Impact

Unifying the digital and real economy.

Integrating economic science and causal inference into software

Bringing economic causal inference into software production

Bringing rigorous economics into software engineering teams. We are add economics value to software engineers and developers.

Take DevOps to the next level with economics

Bringing economics to development and operations. We call it EcOps.

Rigorous insights. We help leading organizations in every industry and sector lead scientifically.

We are integrating digital economics into every economic sector. Our goal is to solve the economy and the human condition. .