Data-driven design for transparent innovation in client-empathetic problem solving

Enhancing Design Thinking with AI. Empowering experiences.

dy/dx meets UI/UX.

The history. Keeping up with people desirability, business viability and technical feasibility have never been more important.

Design Thinking teams go the extra mile to understand demand for features, products or services. By making sure innovations fit with overall business goals and existing processes, resources, skills and tools, they play a vital role in organization impact. Most top firms have Design Thinking to thank for much of their innovative solutions, user engagement and sound decision making.

The reality. Speeding up the adoption of solutions, keeping users engaged and rigorous testing are challenging at scale. Even for organizations at the top of their industry.

Implementing design projects tend to be a slow process. Involving users directly to the extent required for evidence-based decision-making is also hard. In many large organizations, applications may clash with restrictions that conflict with existing or concurrent system integrations.

What organizations need are faster solutions that rigorously integrate design thinking with organization science and behavior.

Machine Learning by Doing Design. Next-level AI.


Machine Learning X Doing Design

Machine learning and AI are powerful innovations, with implications on platforms, organizations and society as a whole by revolutionizing design thinking in general, as well as product design, user interface science and user experiences.

Such a bold step requires a revolution in design to solve inspiration, community and social impact. What we need to change the world is AI based on what it means to be human.

AI must create new opportunities, and realize the potential to significantly improve human productivity, relationships, standards of living, and institutions

That potential is here now. Next-level AI


It is up to us all to make the world a better place, starting with the design of your products and organization

Introducing the next-generation of AI, designed around the fundamental question of what it means to be human

Together, we will inspire change in the world, by first introducing your organization to its true potential



Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, Ph.D.

Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, Ph.D., is former faculty at the University of California, Berkeley in development economics and a former computer science researcher at Cornell University. He has advised Google scientists, given talks at Facebook, presented to government officials from 12 countries and others.

A former session Chair at the Canadian Economic Association, Kweku believes that his next-generation Machine Learning x Doing approach can help organizations and countries to do better by their people by meeting or exceeding their potential. He is based in Toronto, Canada.