Cross-industrial collaboration design so both of you can win


Machine Learning X Doing Collaborations for your unique inter-industrial partnerships to thrive

The future of work requires partnerships across industries traditionally thought irrelevant to one another. From brand collaborations to fully-fledged partnerships, uniting across sectors is now a sector unto itself and requires data from both participants for mutual benefit. For example, how can smartphones and sportscars take each other to the next level for mutual benefit?

How do you stay you with the help of someone entirely different? Machine Learning X Doing Collaborations is a novel approach to foster data-driven deep partnerships of equals who lead their respective industries from the concepts, design, the value chain, and through maximizing the algorithmic, economic marketing impact.

You set the standard for everyone else. By not allowing the box to define you, you’ve become the box for others.

You might be the only one in your industry, but you’re not the only one in any industry.

Partnerships can inspire innovation, but incentives are difficult to overcome. The lines between industries are blurring but you don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to create competition for yourself.

What if next-level AI could transmit and sustain your DNA in unique partnerships, using data across sectors to create new harmonies in your decision-making?

Welcome to your next level. Welcome to the future of your industry

How can your innovations evolve in a way that gains from the progress made in other industries, and open new vistas in your market?

Your consumers are too smart for more of the same. Their tastes were shaped by the best, after all.

Be you. Sustain and improve innovation for impact over the long run

It is up to us all to make the world a better place, starting with the collaborations of your organization

Introducing the next-generation of AI, designed around the fundamental question of what it means to be human

Together, we will inspire change in the world, by first introducing your organization to its true potential



Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, Ph.D.

Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, Ph.D., is former faculty at the University of California, Berkeley in development economics, former computer science researcher at Cornell University and visiting scholar at UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering. He has advised Google scientists, given talks at Facebook, presented to government officials from 12 countries and others.

A former session Chair at the Canadian Economic Association, Kweku believes that his next-generation Machine Learning X Doing approach can help organizations and countries to do better by their people by meeting or exceeding their potential and taking their culture to its real potential. He is based in Toronto, Canada.